It's time to tell your members of Congress that we will not stand for Trump's dangerous policies that destroy our environment, our planet, and our future. Are you in?

Standing up for our planet

starts on your home turf.

Donald Trump is waging war against our planet. 

You can fight back.

The core of Indivisible resistance to Trump’s agenda is getting Congress to listen to its constituents.  Unfortunately, most of Trump’s attacks against the environment originate within federal agencies, rather than from bills proposed by Congress.  This leaves Indivisible with fewer tools to use in the fight -- MoCs avoid accountability for new policies when they don’t have to vote for them.  

That said, there are some critical battles to be waged to protect the environment that will require Congress.  Trump can propose ending programs that fight climate change, protect drinking water, or cleanup contamination -- but Congress gets to decide whether to keep funding those essential protections. Key pieces of the Trump agenda, such as the infrastructure bill, are likely to come with nefarious riders that gut environmental safeguards. And Indivisible groups can and should continue to push for local actions to ensure the U.S. does its part to protect the climate and uphold the Paris Agreement. 

MoCs will play a key role to either fight for or against environmental protection, but it's up to you and Indivisible groups across the country to hold them accountable.

This recess toolkit maps out where Members of Congress will play a key role to either fight for or against environmental protection, so you can be more effective in your advocacy.


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Your Representatives need to hear that you expect them to do everything they can to protect the environment. Here are some sample town hall questions to get you started.

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Is your member of Congress (MoC) an environmental zero or hero? Check now.

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Get started holding your members of Congress accountable right here.

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During the week following the wide release of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, the documentary will have special screenings in 15 cities across the U.S.: Albuquerque, Austin, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Knoxville, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, Portland (Maine) and Tucson.

In these markets, Indivisible is coordinating with local groups to spread word of the screenings to local leaders, groups and individuals, tapping into local climate activism and tying grassroots actions to the film.

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